Welcome to Organic Christians

Welcome to Organic Christians

Welcome to Organic ChristiansWelcome to Organic ChristiansWelcome to Organic Christians

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Assisting others in obtaining their best health so they may use their bodies as tools for the Kingdom

Being the arms and feet of Jesus can be hard when you do not feel well. We want the body of Christ to be prepared to be laborers in the great harvest.  By feeding the flock both spiritually and in the physical we are helping increase the Kingdom of God. Teaching moms to be healthy in the home, providing warm food for the homeless, sharing monthly meal packs in Brazil, and getting local farmers involved direct with their community...these are just some of the ways we share and connect for the great co-mission. #designedtobehealthy so that we may serve with excellence!!!


Designed to be HEALthy

Step-by-Step ideas and teachings on how to be your best healthy self.  Check out our blog and social media pages....WE HAVE BIG NEWS COMING SOON!!!! Stay tuned


Healthy Food Choices

What is healthy to some are poor choices to others.  We share with you what options are better than others and how to implement replacement theory to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle instead of dieting.