Local Ministry

Actively supporting outreach ministries to feed those less fortunate both tangibly and with our time investment.

Missionaries for Brazil

Each year we take a team a travel to an area of Brazil where we are able to share the message of Jesus by being the church.

Healing Ministry

We are called to share healing and how to create wellness by having a wellness office locally.  We see folks that are suffering in many areas both physically and spiritually.

About Us

What we do

Sharings God's message of LOVE to all is our great co-mission...this is just the way we go about it

Teaching and Education

Our hope is to share God's LOVE with others in a way that glorifies Him and all He has done for us. HE so perfectly created this world yet we abuse it.  He designed our bodies to be healthy yet we live like it doesn't matter. Let us not forget that we should not worship our bodies or creation but to take care of them. (1 Cor 3:16, 1 Cor 6:19-20).

Loving Others

Determined to be the church locally as well as abroad, our team at Organic Christians provide opportunities and ministry outreach to all of those in need.  Our hope is to Love people well- whether it is with food, wisdom, clothing, or providing hope to the hopeless.  Being the hands and feet of Jesus and then encouraging them to do the same.  

Get involved

Local Outreach

Located in the Charlotte, NC area we actively pursue opportunities to help those in need.  Combing efforts with our local missions.

Brazil Mission Trips

Organic Christians assists in missions trips that help impoverished area in Recife, Brazil.  We are supporters with the local church there as well as NGOs that provide food, schooling, and clothing to those in need.

Wellness Center

We currently have a small office locally that encourages natural and alternative healthcare.  Sharing not only natural methods for physical healing but spiritual guidance for inner healing. A holistic approach.

Affiliate Programs

Personally many of our supporters are able to give financially due to affiliate programs.  This allows a percentage of your shopping cart to be paid directly to them.  Several use this as a tool to fund the mission trip to Brazil, buy supplies and food for our local outreach or pay for education through Organic Christians.

Local Food Co-Op

At Organic Christians we believe in supporting local farmers.  One way we do this is by providing a seasonal food co-op for a direct purchase opportunity from farm to table.  Sustainability and supporting our local economy is important.

Health Discipleship Training

Organic Christians believe that we were #designedtobehealthy.  We have decided to offer education and training for families to live with optimal health naturally.  This discipleship program teaches a holistic christian lifestyle.  We pray that this program will catapult the church into health for the great harvest.